TMF is delighted to welcome two new members:

TMF is delighted to welcome two new members:

TMF Member #18: TrydaNI- Charge Place Wales Ltd. (Wales, UK)

TrydaNI aims to establish a Wales-wide network of charging points, powering vehicles with clean energy generated locally. With TrydaNi‘s support, local organisations and public bodies will own their own charge points for local benefit and long-term income streams. TrydaNi has received grant funding from the Welsh Government to grow Community Electric Car Clubs around Wales. We want to encourage the use of EV’s to curb our local emissions, for everyone, with or without a driveway.

TrydaNi seeks to provide a bi-lingual service and to achieve that, TMF will support Welsh language in the app. More info about TrydaNI, here.

TMF Member #19: Karkarcar (Navarra, SP)

KarKarCar is a non-profit cooperative based in Navarra (SP) that offers mobility services and products to accelerate the transition towards more sustainable mobility. Its purpose is to transform mobility based on private vehicles to mobility in which the vehicle and the journey can be shared, connecting people, entities, and collectives. More info, here.