We offer all the technology necessary to implement the e-car sharing service

The TMF platform and experience is shared between its members.

TMF has developed a platform that allows cooperatives to offer an e-car sharing service according to their operational needs:


The platform covers all processes needed for sharing electric cars. This includes reservation, car access, payment, billing and operation backend

Modular system

The platform is highly customizable and allows cooperatives to use only the modules they need.

Dedicated APIs

The different dedicated APIs guarantee the integration with external, internal services and the cooperative's IT system.

The IT-solutions that TMF offers to cooperatives are:

Platform setup and configuration

APP deployment for Android & iPhone

Training & Support

In-car hardware disposition and configuration

Server maintenance and regular releases

Customized API’s for system integration

Accountancy, Invoicing, Member management

TMF is a COOPERATIVE platform!

The IT platform is owned by TMF, governed by the TMF members and exclusively used by its members.


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