Corporativism & Governance

The Mobility Factory is born out of a collaboration between three citizens’ cooperatives in Europe. We met via the Mobility Network of We joined forces to successful approaches to share electric cars with our members. We do this because we want better and sustainable mobility in our communities. 

TMF is a European Cooperative Society founded in 2018 by eight cooperative enterprises.


The general assembly is the highest decision organ of TMF. TMF's members send a representative to vote on behalf of their organization. TMF's statutes state one member, one vote.


These organisations are member of the TMF board, each of them is represented by a natural person:

Elected board members
Invited board members
These organisations are member of the TMF board,
each of them is represented by a natural person:
Elected board members

Coöperatie Cooperatieauto B.A.

Represented by Jan De Kock

Energiegewinner eG

Represented by Kay Vosshenrich

Som Mobilitat SCCL

Represented by Ricard Jornet Ginesta

Represented by Dirk Vansintjan

Partago CV

Represented by Joachim Jacob

Coopstroom CV

Represented by Karen Bracke

Represented by Raphaël Beaumond

Yearly reports


Lukas Reichel
Rik Bellens
Tim Alenus
Software developer
Carla Gómez Castellví
Communication & Process management
Our Principles

How TMF apply the ICA principles

The TMF is a cooperative platform that provides all the necessary IT solutions to its members. It has a clear and transparent governance structure and decision-making process for developing the platform based on International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) values and principles.

Voluntary and Open Membership

TMF has open membership for cooperatives and citizen groups. All members have to be direct member of and commit to the ICA principles.


Democratic Member Control

One member, one vote. The members decide the development roadmap of the platform. Specific regulation can be consulted here.


Member Economic Participation

Members buy a minimum of 4 shares. Additional shares may be purchased depending on the operational volume of the member.


Autonomy and Independence

TMF owns its platform, which makes us independent of commercial solutions. We commit to the use of open / cooperatively owned services and technology when this is feasible. Our members are part of TMF without losing any of their autonomy. This is, they operate their business fully independently.


Education, Training, and Information

TMF’s platform allows its members to organize their car-sharing service autonomously. We provide training before starting, and we share clear and transparently information and knowledge: user manuals, business plans, pricing, communication strategies and everything that a starting cooperative would need to begin a successful e-car-sharing service.


Cooperation among Cooperatives

As a cooperative of cooperatives, TMF itself is an example of cooperation between cooperatives. Additionally, we seek further cooperation with cooperative technology partners and inside the large cooperative network of We aim to provide technological means to further enhance the possibilities of inter-cooperative cooperation, like providing combined offers to end-users (roaming between cooperatives). Moreover, some TMF’s members provide services to TMF.


Concern for Community

We work to keep ourselves together and strong. Our policies are driven by the global cooperative values: self-help, self-responsibility, honesty, openness, social responsibility and caring of others.