Coöperatie Hilversumse Energie Transitie U.A.

HET cooperative operates an electric car-sharing program since 2017, now having 170 participants using the nine cars available. These are eight Nissan Leafs 40 and 62 kW, and our flagship, the Tesla M3, allowing for a 400+ km driving range. These are placed across the city, so access is easy. Charging stations and parking licenses are arranged in cooperation with Hilversum city authorities and the greater Metropolitan Region Amsterdam – Electric. Our goal is to grow to 20 cars by the end of 2021, and onwards from there.

Our project is extended to cover bidirectional charging and direct solar charging (DC) to increase the climate impact of the car sharing programs and develop this into an integrated element of the local energy transition strategy; power generation will be connected to direct use and storage, so local supply and demand can be optimized.




Hilversum, NL