What is new in the App: Warning for locations with poor mobile network connection

What is new in the App: Warning for locations with poor mobile network connection

Warning for locations with poor mobile network connection


In certain areas, like underground parking, users may face challenges when starting or ending a reservation due to poor network connections. The first option should always be to improve the mobile network or move the vehicle to a different location with a better network, but this is not always possible.

This feature aims to improve the experience for the user and avoid stress when accessing vehicles in areas with poor connections.

🏡 Home Zone: For critical home locations, the app reminds users to start the reservation before entering an area with a bad connection.

🌐 Weak Signal: When starting or ending their reservation, users experiencing a weak network signal will receive a pop-up recommending moving to a location with more stable network connectivity.

This feature works hand in hand with the already available Bluetooth connectivity, which allows users to lock and unlock cars without a data network connection.

The feature is currently used in production at TMF member Som Mobilitat

“Starting or ending a reservation becomes challenging for users in areas with connectivity issues, reducing the user experience. This problem also impacts the Som Mobilitat helpdesk due to the assistance of these users. Improved in-app messaging communication promises to streamline the reservation process. Should connectivity issues persist, users will receive instructions that will allow them to understand the situation and continue with the process.”

Gerard Turbau. Infrastructure coordinator in Som Mobilitat SCCL


In the name of all TMF members, we thank the cooperative Som Mobilitat for financing the development and testing of the feature. This support allows TMF to improve the platform and provide more value to all TMF members.