Courant d’Air

Courant d’Air is a citizens’ cooperative for renewable energy, recognized as a social enterprise, active in the east of Belgium. The cooperative was founded in 2009 and has 2800 members and six employees at the beginning of 2021. She operates renewable energy projects with an electricity production of 30,000 MWh/year. Thanks to the acquired competencies, the cooperative informs and sensitizes citizens and municipalities about energy issues, especially wind energy and the rational use of energy. In schools, the cooperative is involved in the “Generation Zero Watt” project. In line with the REScoop charter, Courant d’Air applies universal cooperative principles, promotes a democratic energy transition in the hands of local actors, and pursues missions in the interest of common interest.

Courant d’Air has a shared e-car running in the small town of St. Vith, together with Fahr Mit, an organization for alternative sustainable mobility in the region. Another car is used for the staff’s work trips, which is managed via the TMF app.


East of Belgium, BE