The planet is facing a severe climate crisis, and one of the contributing factors is the transportation and mobility model based on the consumption of fossil fuels. Currently, most of the population lives in polluted, unhealthy cities and towns dominated by private vehicles. The paradigm of the individual car—which pollutes, is rarely used and occupies a lot of public space—has become obsolete. Change is needed, and that change depends on us.
At KarKarCar, we aim to create friendly communities in a pleasant world. The most sustainable journey is the one we don’t take, and, whenever possible, trips should be made on foot, by bicycle, by public transport, or by shared vehicles. We want to transform mobility from a reliance on private vehicle use to a system where vehicles and trips are shared, connecting people, entities, and collectives to build efficient and sustainable transport models. Today, new technologies allow us to design a mobility model that reduces the number of vehicles and greenhouse gas emissions.