Vianova eG

Vianova coop was funded in 2018 with the UrStromMobil project. With this, UrStrom BürgerEnergieGenossenschaft eG laid the base for an additional building block of environmentally friendly mobility in Mainz, with the motto “e-car sharing in citizen’s hands” and the principle of “sharing instead of owning”. The idea was enthusiastic and was expanded with the support of other citizen energy cooperatives by founding the Vianova cooperative.

Now, Vianova has 23 members operating with 21 shared electric cars, and it focuses on sustainable forms of mobility in the community as an essential part of the transport turnaround. It actively supports the implementation of the Paris climate protection goals. The main purpose of the new cooperative is to help neighbourhoods, companies, energy and housing cooperatives, municipalities, organizations and associations with its wide range of services related to e-mobility.