Wibee SPRL

Wibee.be, “the car of neighbors,” offers a car-sharing service in Belgium that enables individuals, businesses, and local authorities to share vehicles within their communities.

The concept of local car sharing emerged from the realization that many households own cars that are underutilized daily. Instead of each person owning a car, let’s share one! It’s more economical, environmentally friendly, and fosters a sense of community.

Wibee provides a trustworthy framework between parties and offers a range of services to simplify car sharing: contracts, comprehensive and tailored insurance, booking, fuel/energy cards, car-sharing rentals, usage reports, and the collection and management of payments between neighbors.

Currently, Wibee manages a fleet of 26 cars and a platform with 485 active users. To connect car owners with neighbors interested in car sharing, visit us at wibee.be.