A big welcome to our new members!

TMF Member #16: Vianova eG

In October, TMF welcomed Vianova Coop to our community. Vianova is a German federation of cooperatives, composed of 23 members, that supports e-car sharing projects with various services. Currently, Vianova operates with 21 shared electric cars, and it focuses on sustainable forms of mobility in the community as an essential part of the transport turnaround. The main purpose of the new cooperative is to help neighbourhoods, companies, energy and housing cooperatives, municipalities, organizations, and associations with its wide range of services related to e-mobility. Please, find more info here.

TMF Member #17: Energies Citoyennes en Pays de Vilaine (EPV)

In November TMF has recently welcomed Energies Citoyennes en Pays de Vilaine (EPV). EPV was the pioneer of the first three citizen wind farms in France, with three sites that each year cover the multipurpose consumption (including electric heating) of more than 20,000 inhabitants. 


In 2020, they started operating with carsharing mainly for members and employees of the association, and now, with the OseCAR project, the carsharing service is open to all interested people in the Redon region. For more information, here.